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Hollow Oak German Shorthair Pointers

Here at Hollow Oak we have expanded to the German Shorthairs. We have fallen for another breed. These dogs have such a natural drive and ability to do what they were bred for. We have carefully selected 4 pups this year based on pedigree, conformation,natural ability, and temperament to start us out here at Hollow Oak to hopefully breed high quality dogs. Our partner, Paul, has shorthairs of the same quality to hopefully put out some nice pups in the near future.

We have had a very busy summer of 2021 training to get them all ready for the upcoming hunting season. Besides the raccoon hunting we also guide bird hunts at several game farms in the area. We consider "Oasis Game Farm" just outside of New Glarus, WI our "home shop". They have 600 acres split into several fields to hunt. They have been great at letting us train out there. Its great for the young dogs to have to work in different fields with different cover and terrain. If you would like to schedule a guided hunt gives us a call, email etc.

I will be updating this page more frequent as all these dogs are growing and developing. At some point I will put the pedigrees on here and a gallery so you can see how they all grow.

This is Jynx, he was born in January 2021. He has been a fun dog to train. With is natural ability, drive, and want he just gets better every time we go out. We started shooting quail over him at 13 weeks. Natural retrieve.


This is Pickles, he was born March 2021. This dog does not have a stop, he will go and go. He loves his job again natural ability, drive and want.  We started shooting quail over him at 13 weeks. Natural retrieve with him also.


This is Heidi, she was born in March 2021. She is a firecracker! Big personality that loves to go hunting. She loves to boss the boys at the house. Very accurate on point and retrieving. She was started at 15 weeks, yes a little later than the boys, but did not take her anytime at all to figure it all out.


This is Willow, she was born April 2021.  She is a tiny girl with a huge heart and drive. She was started at 16 weeks purely because of her size. She is Sharp, Sharp, Sharp! Awesome natural ability and drive. Biggest problem right now is size and the cover she will have to hunt in. But they say the "smallest ones are the biggest fighters". Yes she is Black and White.

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