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Hello from Hollow Oak Redbones.

We hope you can recognize as we do, that the Redbone Coonhound is a beautiful, loving, and hardworking breed.  The passion that Tom and I have with our dogs has become a fulfilling way of life.  We hunt, show, train, and breed our dogs.

All of the dogs hunt, there is almost nothing more fun than chasing down a treed raccoon on a winters night.  It is always fun to remember where it all started.  There was the long nights helping mom with her pups, then months later watching a pup with its nose to the ground following your scent trail.  Finally!  Paws on the tree, head back and a bark.  Of course the first thing that comes to mind for Tom is "yes, more time in the woods".  There is a lot of pride in keeping our Hollow Oak team healthy.  With our success in the show end, it appears to be working as we have had many compliments about our dogs.  We have had world qualifiers, regional winners, and state winner.  Showing for us is a great way for our dogs to obtain discipline and manners.  It also allows us to give individual attention to the dogs.

In the end nothing matters if you don't have a happy, healthy dog.  Clearly I hope you can see these dogs are in our hearts.  Please look through our gallery and enjoy seeing the great times we have been fortunate to experience.

Thanks for checking in with Hollow Oak Redbones.

Tom and Ingrid

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